360 Performance Assessment

360 degree reviews are a professional feedback tool designed to help anyone in an organization hone their professional skills. The Gustafson Group, a top Minneapolis/St. Paul consulting firm, will conduct these and improve employee performance. While a standard review is about the job an employee is doing, a Gustafson-performed 360 review is about the employee themselves.

360 degree feedback includes feedback from subordinates, peers and supervisors as well as a self-evaluation. This combined perspective helps create a broad and clear picture for the employee about their behavior and skills.

360 reviews help people develop business and interpersonal skills by focusing on three key pieces of feedback:

  1. Determining a starting point for development of new skills.
  2. Measuring progress as people work on new skills over time.
  3. Identifying personal blind spots of behavior and the impact of those on others.

Several studies indicate that the use of 360 degree feedback helps to improve employee performance because it helps people see their performance from many different perspectives.