Executive Coaching

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. Clients say coaching brings out their best by helping them focus, break down tasks and clarify their values.”

– Fortune Magazine



Through our targeted executive coaching programs you will build the skills you need to grow your business in Minnesota and beyond. Our programs are as follows:


Executive Coach Minneapolis: One on One


  • Meet 1 on 1 privately for 75 minutes every week
  • Unlimited email & phone support
  • Free Business Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Two Free Extended DISC® Behavioral Profile Analysis
  • Free FINTEL™ Financial Analysis & Benchmarking



  • Meet 1 on 1 privately for 90 minutes every other week
  • Unlimited email & phone support
  • Free Business Effectiveness Evaluation
  • One Free Extended DISC® Behavioral Profile Analysis



  • Meet 1 on 1 privately for 90 minutes once a month
  • Unlimited email & phone support
  • Free Business Effectiveness Evaluation


Business Owner Development Program

  • Meet with other business owners and a Coaching Moderator for 150 minutes once a month for 10 months
  • Workshop limited to 10 participants
  • Only 1 participant per industry so you share your experiences and challenges with other non-competitive business owners
  • Additionally, meet 1 on 1 privately for 90 minutes once a month
  • One Free Extended DISC® Behavioral Profile Analysis
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Learn, experience, and apply new knowledge to your business through hands-on exercises, forums, and training materials.
  • Leave with tools to have stronger command and control over your business
  • Enjoy more happiness and balance in a business owner’s life along with increased profits and company value.

Executive Coaching FAQ

What exactly is business/executive coaching?

In sum, the goal of coaching is to help you move from where you are to where you want to be. Through questions and conversation, we help you to identify and achieve your most important business goals by keeping you focused and consistently on track. Your coach is committed to telling you what you need to hear, which is not always what you want to hear. Ultimately, getting you the RESULTS you want is our goal.

What are the key benefits of working with a business coach?

You will gain clarity, focus, discipline, consistency, motivation and receive candid feedback. You will gain freedom as you spend more and more time working on the important issues and less and less time on the urgent matters that now consume your day.

How is business coaching different from business consulting?

Typically consultants work on one or two very specific issues over a shorter time frame. They impart specific knowledge and move on. A coach works with you over longer time frames and helps you build the skills to deal with the most pressing issues in your business in addition to developing a longer term strategic path. Sometimes the coaching process will identify areas where subject matter expertise needs to be engaged. This can be through The Gustafson Group or from other outside consultants.

What is your basic philosophy associated with business coaching?

Who does the business owner go to when they have questions about their business? You need expert, objective help to move your business forward. Business coaching is about helping the owner/executive identify the most important tasks that need to be accomplished and then keeping them focused on executing the task.

How does our relationship work?

We develop a very close relationship based upon understanding, trust and candid communication. Our clients pay us to understand what is most important to them both professionally and personally and to help them achieve the results they want.

Why would a business hire a business coach?

Oftentimes, the business owner feels trapped by their business. They are working very hard “in” their business and find little time to work “on” their business. They may feel frustrated and not as successful as they would like. They are very skilled at their “expertise” and yet may not have the training and experience to drive all of the other aspects of their business, such as marketing, sales, communication, leadership, profitability, human resources, etc.

What credentials should I look for in a business coach?

As a Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA) licensed coach, I have met very specific and challenging criteria prior to my training and ongoing development. I am in a network of 100 other professionals who constantly share current information which is a great benefit to my clients. I pride myself on being a life long learner with a deep well of experience. I believe my background speaks for itself.

How long is a typical coaching commitment?

Though there is no legal commitment, coaching is a long-term process. Lasting change takes time. Only through a consistent and disciplined process will the desired outcomes be realized. The time frame is less important than the mindset. There is no “magic bullet” solution. Like everything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

Will my workload increase due to working with a coach?

That depends on how one defines “workload”. If it means you will be spending more time focused on doing the most important tasks that will drive your business forward, then…YES! My clients do more of the important things and a lot less of the unimportant things. The result is they move their business forward, make more money and have more fun in their life.

I am already successful, why do I need a coach?

Every top performer uses a coach to bring out their best. Professional athletes, award winning actors and high level executives use coaches to help them be successful.

Is coaching expensive?

Your return on a coaching investment should far exceed how much you invest. Forbes magazine did a study that the average return on a coaching invest was 600 percent. In addition, some improvements are not easily quantifiable. How much is less stress or more time with your family worth? The systemic improvements you make should pay dividends for years to come.

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