Our Process

Gustafson Group is the most trusted name in Minneapolis Management Consulting. Whether you are a family owned or closely held business, we will serve as a partner who can help you gain a new perspective on your business, create a strategic path, and develop systems for more accountability.

How do we begin?


First and foremost, this process is about you. I can’t stress this enough. The goal is to help you achieve your goals, dreams, and a lifestyle that is right for you and your business.


Second, in order to determine if there is a fit between us, we schedule a complimentary and confidential 90 minute meeting to clarify what challenges you face, brainstorm possible actions to move forward, and determine if we can be of assistance. If not, we shake hands and part as friends. If it does appear to be a good fit, we move forward in a professional relationship.


Third, we start to design a plan and set goals based on what you want for your business. Ultimately, it is about helping you, your team, or your family to achieve meaningful results. For this partnership to be successful, it takes commitment and action to do the necessary work of making positive change on everyone’s part.


Last, we systematically monitor outcomes and design metrics to track performance to make sure our plans are working. We adjust if necessary.

Ready to start achieving your goals?

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