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As a third generation entrepreneur and management consultant, I have lived the peaks and valleys of dozens of businesses, in a wide range of industries, over many years.

After a career of owning, managing, financing, and restructuring many small and medium sized businesses, I understand what is at stake and the pressures you as an owner face.

I have many times seen owners get so busy working “in” the business, there is not time left for working “on” the business. This leads to frustration, business stagnation and personal burnout.

I have been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years and know the reality of having to “get the job done.” This includes:

  • Holding management consulting positions of Operations Manager, Sales Manager, Chief Operating Officer and President.
  • Growing a struggling $2 million family owned business into a thriving $10 million, 75 employee, professionally run organization.
  • Selling two businesses to public companies. One as an owner/operator, one as an investor.
  • Coaching many small business owners and start up entrepreneurs to successful outcomes.
  • Serving on many for-profit, non-profit, and governmental Boards.
  • Investing in several small businesses. Some not successful…the best lessons of all.

What I appreciate most about my business today is hearing the great stories of courageous and action-orientated entrepreneurs. I enjoy using my experience to help guide them to create better businesses and better lives

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