Six Traits of a Winning Company

What makes a winning company? In my 25 plus years as an entrepreneur, I have had a front row seat to witness the performance of many businesses. I have seen companies rise and fall and those that rise to the top continuously demonstrate the mastery of the following six traits: Numbers There is an old [&hellip
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Great employees are as easy as A, B, C

As smart owner, you try to build a good team. How do you keep A players? What makes a good B player tick? When should you get rid of C players? ********* I grew up in northern Minnesota so I ended up playing my share of hockey. I tried out for many teams along the [&hellip
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Thinking Strategically

It’s a flat out myth that strategic planning services in Minneapolis need to be complicated, lengthy, and painful. In my experience, much of what is taught in business school is written for big companies. I like to think about strategic planning from a practical perspective. For example, is there a document (2-4 pages) I can [&hellip
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Not All Customers are Created Equal

Often times when I ask a business owner who their top 10 customers are, what type of margin they produce, and if those customers are doing more or less business than last year, I get a blank stare back. Or, “the sales manager has that data.” As a business owner, it is easy to get [&hellip
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To Measure or Not to Measure

The title for this post may appear to be more appropriate for an argument in existential philosophy than a business management discussion, but I would argue otherwise. If you are disciplined about doing your monthly financials in a timely manner, you should be able to quickly come to see trends in the profit and loss, [&hellip
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